University of Alberta River Ice Engineering
  River Ice Research Group, University of Alberta

Our river ice research group is presently working on a number of projects both in the field and in the laboratory.

Each of our projects is geared towards advancing current knowledge in river ice processes and hydraulics through:

  • field studies and monitoring methods
  • numerical modeling, and
  • experimental studies of river ice processes or characteristics

You can find detailed information about our current river ice research below.

Check out our River Ice Photo blog or watch a BBC video clip about our research in Hay River.


Academic Staff


Mark Loewen



Yuntong She

Assistant Professor

Faye Hicks

Professor Emeritus



Reference Books

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An introduction to river ice for both children and adults who would like to learn about river ice. (Includes more than 60 full colour photos.)

Coming soon...

what every civil engineer needs

to know about river ice.



Field Studies


Hay River Breakup (Ice Jam) Study

Hay River West Channel Bridge - 2008
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N. Saskatchewan River Freeze-up Study

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Effects of Ice on Fish Habitat

More info coming soon...


Effects of Streamflow Regulation on River Ice

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Measuring Frazil using Sonar

More info coming soon...


Measuring Frazil  Particle Size Photographically

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Ice Process Modelling

More info coming soon...


Mackenzie River Delta Hydraulic Model

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